The rates for my services vary depending on the type of session, length of session, additional artists required and other factors listed below.


My rates are based on industry standards taking into account my experience, training, knowledge, talents, dungeon fees and the worrh of my time. I do not work pro bono or offer discounts based on age, gender, frequency, attractiveness, income or any other factors. Please respect that as well as my time.

Standard BDSM Exploration

  • 1 hour – $350.00

  • 1.5 hours – $500.00

  • 2 hours – $650.00

  • 2.5 hours – $800.00

  • 3 hours – $950.00

Basic rates for a standard one on one or couples session with me in the Ritual Chamber. These can be either instructional or entirely interactive. The rate is per hour, not per person. Please inquire for rates for sessions involving more than two customers or that are longer than 3 hours including overnight stays.


Scenes with Multiple Dominants

Scenes involving myself and a Ritual Chamber Domme/female submissive receive a $50.00 discount off the second Dominant's regular rate. Click on the Domme's name below for photos and descriptions.


Additional accredited male Doms are also available. Please inquire for more information on additional male Doms and their individual rates.


Scenes with Professional Submissives

Scenes involving myself and an additional submissive are a great eay to either watch a scene as a voyeur or join in side by side. Click on the submissive's name below for photos and descriptions. Please contact me for individual artists rates.



For your comfort, a one on one meeting can be arranged with me at the dungeon to discuss your interests before committing to a play session. This is purely a consultation[business discussion. No play or touching of any kind will take place. No fetish wear will be worn - business casual only.

  • 1 hour – $225.00


Payment is done in exact cash upon arrival. If you are a new client, a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid in advance may be requested.

Cancellation Policy
You must notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will need to bear the full cost of the session.


Session Location

Sessions take place at The Ritual Chamber BDSM and Fetish Studio - an elite, secure, discreet, modern facility in a west-end Toronto location featuring a wide range of equipment, toys and themed rooms. There I am part of a team of exceptional BDSM educators under the careful hand of Headmistress Shahrazad, an award-winning Dominatrix of mixed Middle Eastern and European descent, with over 15 years of experience playing cat and mouse games within the complex psychological realm of power exchange. The Ritual Chamber is also available as a location for demos and workshops as well as rentals for private play. For the sake of privacy and discretion, sessions are booked at least 1 hour apart from each other so that clients never run into anyone else coming or going from the dungeon. the address is not emailed to clients until the day of their session. To visit the Ritual Chamber Website click here.


Scenes Outside of the Studio

As a House Dom at the Ritual Chamber, my work in the Greater Toronto Area takes place for the most part at the Ritual Chamber studio. Occasionally there may be fantasy scenes a regular client may wish to explore that requires a setting other than the studio. Some examples would be a sub is forced to sport kink wear or toys under their clothes  during a formal dinner at an elegant restaurant, a collared sub led about on a leash in public, scenes involving fetishized locations not replicated at the studio, etc.  These type of scenes are an exception to the rule but negotiable if they can be done safely and stay within the law. Rates may vary based on the location and scee required. 


NOTE: I will not engage in any indiscrete or illegal activity such as inappropriate nudity or graphic pubic play. Such scenes violate others choice to participate, robbing them of their right to consent which is against my personal and professional code of respect for others.


Please email me to discuss  scenes outside the studio rates further.



Clients living or traveling outside of the Greater Toronto Area may wish to have me accompany them on a trip or in their home city. This is negotiable with some provisions:

  • All out-of-town scenes must take place in a hotel room or other neutral space. I do not visit residences.
  • A non-refundable deposit of the full session rate is required in advance to secure the booking
  • A sum covering travel expenses including transportation (cab/bus/train/plane by advance payment or prepaid ticket), accommodation must provided upfront or proof of booking provided.
  • For late night appointments or locations more than 1.5 hours outside of Toronto, a minimum of 1 nights stay in a hotel must be provided. 
  • If I am accompanying you on  trip, a private room for my use alone must be booked. Session times will be scheduled in advance ensuring I have defined personal time. I am not to be considered available "on call" 24 hours.
  • If desired, I may allow you to take me on outings such as dining, events, sightseeing, etc. as part of the fantasy scene or as a companion. This type of experience is tailor made on a case by case basis and may not be offered to every client/for every location.


Please email me to discuss travel rates further.